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How to find MAC address of Device

What is MAC Address ? A MAC address is a unique identifier for your Network adapter or Network Interface Card (NIC). 

How to Find Address ? 1) Find MAC address in Nokia feature phone.
To find your Mac address you need to type in this: *#62209526# code from your device home screen 

2) Find MAC address in blackberry device.
To find the Media Access Control (MAC) address of a Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry smartphone, complete the steps below, according to the version of BlackBerry device software installed on the smartphone:
BlackBerry Device Software 4.5 to 5.0:
From the home screen, click Options > Status.The WLAN MAC field displays the MAC address for the smartphone.BlackBerry 6 to 7.1:From the home screen, select Setup > Options > Device > Device and Status Information.The WLAN MAC field displays the MAC address for the smartphone. BlackBerry 10 OS:From the home screen select Settings > Network Connections > Wi-Fi > Advanced.In the Diagnostic Information drop-down, s…
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How to edit host file in Windows 7

This post shows you how you can edit host file on Windows 7 operating system.

You might have run into issue related some access denied error or it might ask to save file again etc.. when you directly go to C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc folder and try to save host file after editing it.I will show you how you can get rid of this issue and successfully edit the host file.

1. Click Start button    of windows and then go to All Programs -> Accessories.
2. Right-click on Notepad, and then clickRun as administrator.
3. Open the host file located at C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc from Notepad.
4. Edit the file and click on Save from the file menu. Done !

How to Configure Airtel Mobile Office On Windows Mobile

This post shows how you can configure Airtel Mobile Office settings in Windows Mobile device.

Airtel Mobile Office settings needs to be configured manually in windows mobile device.Below are the steps to configure Airtel Mobile Office settings in your windows Mobile device.

1) Go to Start->Settings->Connections->Connections in your windows mobile device then you will find the below screen.

 2) Click on Add a new modem connection link displayed in above screen and specify connection name as 'MO' and select modem as 'Cellular Line(GPRS,3G)' in drop down as displayed below and then click Next.

3) Specify Access point name as '' as shown below and click next.

 4) Leave all fields blank as it is and click on finish.

5) Switch off and then Switch on you device. Open the web browser on your device and start surfing the web on your device.

Blogger Help: How to submit blog to Google

In this post I will show you how you can submit your site or blog to google search engine.

Submitting site or blog to the google is first thing to do once you create your blog.

Well , you might think that why we should submit blog to google? As you know that when you do the google search on any topic then it displays the relevant site as search result.There are millions of sites on the web and readers have to rely on the search engines to inform them of the best site for the subject they are looking for.Unless you submit your site to the search engines they will never come to know of your site/blog.Generally, google add and update new sites to its index each time it crawls the web. However submitting your site or blog URL to google , It will specifically let the google know about your site and it will improve chances of your site to be indexed faster then as usual.

Submitting blog to google is very simple, so submit you site to google from submit your site. You only need to provide the r…

Install 82865G graphics driver for Windows 7

After installing windows 7 ultimate I came across the issue that it doesn’t find suitable driver for the 82865G grapics card to install and this ended up with displaying blurred screen with lower resolution.If you do right click on desktop -> Screen Resolution and open the Resolution drop down then you will find the fewer resolution available to select. Infact this video card driver is not available to download for window 7 in intel download center.

However you can still install windows xp driver on windows 7 which worked for me and get rid of this issue. However you still won’t have Areo theme enabled since it is not supported on this 82865G graphics card. Here I will show you how you can install windows XP drivers on windows 7.

Go to the download page of Windows XP driver for 82865G display card: downloadcentreDownload driver and extract the downloaded driver.Right click on the setup.exe file and select properties to open the properties window as displayed below. Go to the ‘Compatib…

Configure Mail For Exchange on Nokia

This is post shows how you can configure mail for exchange on your Nokia device.Steps are written specific for Nokia N95 device however it is also applicable to all other compatible E series and  N series devices like E71, E72, E75, E55, E52, 5800, N97 etc... with little modification if any.
What is Mail For Exchange ?
Mail for Exchange application is compatible with Microsoft Exchange Server Active Sync and Direct Push which synchronizes your business's Microsoft Exchange accounts so you can use your Microsoft Exchange email, calendar ,contacts and tasks on your Nokia mobile devices.
To use Mail for Exchange, you need a Microsoft Exchange e-mail account ,name of your mail domain, Exchange server’s name ,your user name and password.
Mail For Exchange Setup:
1. Download and install Mail for Exchange from Ovi Store if not already. It's free to download !

2. Open the Mail for Exchange on device and message will pop-up saying “You have no Mail for Exchange profile. Create profile? ” .S…

Screen capture on Nokia device

You can install screen capture application from Ovi store.You should have Ovi store/ Nokia Account to download and any application from Ovi Store. Go to the Ovi Store and register for the Nokia account.

Method 1: Installation Steps Using PC:

1. Go to Ovi Store and sign-in with your Ovi store account.

2. Search for the 'Best Screen snap' in Ovi store.

3. You will be displayed the 'Best Screen snap'  application page.Click on Send to mobile  button displayed on the page.You will get the SMS on your mobile containing download link of the application.

4. Open the received SMS and click on application link present in SMS. Clicking link it will open the web browser  pointing to containing download page for the application.Click on the download button of the page. Enter the credential for the Ovi Store and sing-in.

5. Now again click on the Download button if not started already.It will start instillation of the application.